Signature Palette Class Recap

Our first class of 2012 was amazing. The Signature Palette class sold out before the holidays and several of the students had received the class as a gift!

This class was focused on a limited color palette and group of blooms. These designs were a study of shades of white and ivory accented by striking black, grays and burgundy. It’s an unexpected color combination and has become a look synonymous with Sullivan Owen designs. Using dark accents cuts the sweetness of an all white design which could go very bridal-y quickly.

The flowers used in this class were Vendela roses, Majolica spray roses, Ranunculus, Sweet Pea, French Anemone, Japanese Scabiosa, Ligustrum Berry, Silver Brunia and Dusty Miller.  As usual we started with my demonstration and then students got to work in their glass pedestal vases.

It’s still always fun for me to see the different designs, especially in this class where everyone used the exact same colors.

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